What Is A Happiness Trainer?

A Happiness Trainer is someone who can help you apply a blend of techniques in EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY using tools, systems and processes to increase happiness. These trainings focus on SOFT SKILLS that a good part of today’s workforce lacks including self-awareness, productivity, communication, focus, resilience, enthusiasm, and caring.

The most effective times to hire a Happiness Trainer are when:

  1. You are developing the culture for your company
  2. You are developing your Customer Experience (CX)
  3. You are in the growth phase of your business and you need a fresh look at developing your Business Operating Systems (BOS)
  4. You are doing Customer Service Training
  5. You are doing Leadership Development
  6. You are experiencing low morale, low productivity or low client retention
  7. You are working with or advancing Millennials within your organization

Wendy Dahl is a Happiness Trainer with a diverse background in:

  • Curriculum Development, College Instruction & Keynote Speaking
  • Experiential Marketing, Customer Experience & Project Management
  • 20+ Years of studies in Organizational Leadership, Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence

She offers affordable online training programs and can create custom trainings for companies seeking to improve productivity and profits.