Write Your Happiness Manifesto Using the Happiness Operating System

The Happiness Operating System (HOS) framework is the perfect tool for creating your Happiness Manifesto. It breaks things down so that you can create clear, high impact, statements to live by. It works like an overlay to your everyday activities because you clearly define what is important, how you will show up and how you will focus on creating happiness.

Scroll down to the bottom to access the Happiness Operating System (HOS) canvas to help you write whichever happiness manifesto you need.

Here are the manifestos I have written for use in my personal life and in business…I hope they inspire you to create your own.


Here is my own personal manifesto…I hope you find it useful to create yours too!

Emotional Relevance

My life will be used as a force for good. Whether I am being a mom, partner or businesswoman, I will always seek to bring more light into the world.

Recognizing that life is full of challenges, it is important to remember to choose the better part. To move through hard things and return to a state of well being and to remind those around me they can do it too.

I value love, happiness and kindness and will bring more of it into the world.

I keep this top of mind by bringing my best to each day, and when I fail to do that, to bring my best to the next day.

Ways of Being

I am my own cheerleader and take care of myself so that I can bring that same attitude into the relationships I have with others.

I seek to be kind to others and expect the same from them. I am mindful of surrounding myself with kind people.

I am an enthusiastic and positive person who wants to surround myself with like-minded people. I am careful to minimize or let go of negative people or relationships.

By bringing positive energy into each relationship, my positivity becomes contagious. If I’m ever having a bad day, I return to my positive state so I can do better tomorrow.

Ways of Doing

By nurturing the good in myself, I can help others see the good in themselves.

I take a great interest in others, and look for ways to connect with them wherever they are in life.

I’ll bring my good attitude with me wherever I go. If I’m having a bad attitude day, I’ll adjust my attitude so I can show up better for others and myself.

I focus on creating happiness so it is evident in my actions both to myself and to others. I know that what I focus on expands, so I do my best to maintain it.


I do my best to add to conversations meaningfully, to avoid gossip and negative talk. (I’m human and allow myself vent sessions, but only when necessary.)

When I can, I check my emotions so that when I speak, my message does not have any other kind of undertone than what I mean it to be…which is ordinarily positive.

I aim to be sending the right messages into the world and in the conversations I have.

I’m doing better at listening and thoughtfully responding in conversations.

Creating Happiness

Creating positive emotional outcomes is important to me because I intend on living a life that helps others rise. Ironically as I spread happiness into the world, it comes back to me.

My approach to creating happiness is two-fold. First, by maintaining a happy state for myself. This doesn’t mean that I don’t experience negativity, it means that I focus on being positive in spite of it. Second, that I seek for ways to create happiness for others. Whether it is large or small, I can show up more thoughtfully and with joy in the world.


This is my Family’s Manifesto…I hope you can write one for your family no matter it’s size too!

Emotional Relevance

We stand together in support of cultivating each other to become our best.

It is important that we do this so we keep achieving our next level of greatness and to create positive habits that will get passed on to future generations.

We value encouragement, peace and kindness so our home is a place we want to return to…and all who come here feel welcome.

We keep this top of mind by remembering that we are here for each other no matter what.

Ways of Being

We hold each other in high esteem, which reminds us to treat each other with respect.

We are fun and sometimes silly, but can also be serious and even spiritual.

We encourage each other so that we feel supported. When someone is having a rough day, we give them space and promote recovery.

Our family likes to spend time together. We seek to include each other in all that is good. But we also rely on each other for help when needed. We are welcoming towards others to share in our family time, especially when they need extra love and support.

Ways of Doing

We know that because our home is a “safe place” that we see each other at our worst and try not to dwell in our worst very long. We focus on building each other up. When someone is going through a hard time, we pitch in and help them recover.

Our family loves each other “no matter what.” Each person knows that they are safe to make mistakes, to encounter growing pains, and to have bad days…and that we will use love and kindness to help them rise.

We can show up better for each other by loving each other first and standing together. When something is wrong, we address it head on, and return to a loving state. When someone is negative, we can respond with kindness, reminding them to do their part to pull out of it. We also stand together as we share love and happiness with the world. We realize that not everyone is open to this, and focus on those who are receptive to positive feelings.

We approach relationships with others with the attitude of leaving others better than we found them.


Our message is that we stand together with a focus on happiness, togetherness and peace. If we act out against this, we understand our behavior will be checked and that we need to elevate back to living positively.

We do our best to avoid drama. If it appears, we quickly move away from it and return to a peaceful state.

The message of happiness, togetherness and peace is brought front and center when facing challenges, whether they come from within our family or as an impact from others outside of the family. It is understood that this is the expectation of each member in the family to maintain.

We have family meetings to keep communication lines clear and so that each person knows their presence in our family is valued.

Creating Happiness

Positive emotional outcomes are good for everyone in our family. When we feel better about ourselves we can bring a better version of ourselves into the world.

We focus on doing things for ourselves, together and for others centered on creating happiness. This results in more frequent positive emotional outcomes.

We improve the “spirit of our family” when we focus on creating happiness for others and ourselves.

We will focus on creating happiness for each other, our extended family and in our future families, so that healthy and positive behavior patterns are passed down from generation to generation.


This is a Team Manifesto that I use to inspire high performing teams…I hope you can use it to create either a team or micro culture too!

Emotional Relevance

We are a collaborative force that can do better together than we can on our own.

Our time spent on each project is limited, and we want to make the most out of it.

We will cultivate creativity, openness and support each other to accomplish our goals and we will maintain this so we can perform well together.

We will keep this top of mind by ensuring that we seek first to be collaborative in our drive for excellence.

Ways of Being

We bring our unique talents and abilities to the team and seek to support the common goal. We give each other space to shine.

We have “can do” attitudes and carry our weight. If anyone loses sight of collaboration, we remind them that they are important to the team, and so is their contributions.

We work hard and rest, knowing that we need recovery time in between work sessions. We may shoot the breeze for a little while, but become highly focused on our work after we connect.

We get to know each other’s strengths so we can call upon them during our projects. We are open to opinions, even if we disagree, because there may be value in it.

Ways of Doing

We bring a collective mastermind approach to the projects we pursue. We will pull our weight, bring our best, and enhance the team to generate the best case scenario outcome.

We stick together, even though we are vastly different, because we have our eye on the prize…excellence in project fulfillment.

We have each other’s backs. That doesn’t mean that we do each other’s work, that means we make each other better. We recognize our different talents and allow for each of us to work in their zone of genius, pulling the best out of each team member for each project.

We create positive outcomes for our team, the organization and ultimately the customer because we stand together to make a positive impact.


We use positive messaging with each other, to the organization and to the customer. We take responsibility for our attitude and our actions, knowing that we can use them as a force for good, and resist throwing others “under the bus.”

When we talk about operating collectively, yet in our own zone of genius, it allows us to clearly understand that we set the bar high and we intend to reach it together.

If drama arises within the group, we commit to not adding to it. If we focus on creating happiness, there is no room for drama.

We have daily stand-up meetings to asses where we are and where we are going. Everyone has the opportunity to ask for and give support or feedback.

Creating Happiness

Creating happiness among the team allows for each of us to operate within our zone of genius. It nurtures creativity, open communication, contribution and fun. When we have fun, it shows in our work.

We cheer each other on and celebrate wins, after all, we are better together than we are individually.

When we focus on creating happiness, we perform better, produce better, and want to work together more.

We reinforce creating happiness in our daily stand-up meetings. One of our values, a high-impact HOS word or manifesto statement is discussed during the meeting so we can align with it.



This is the Happiness Manifesto for Creating Happiness…I hope you can use it as an example of what you want to create for your company too!

Emotional Relevance

We help people learn about how happiness does come from within and how to use the abilities they already possess to live a happier life.

Our message of creating happiness matters because the world needs more uplifting energy to overcome all of the negativity in the world.

We value kindness, empathy and all that is good in myself and in others.

We keep this top of mind by remembering that we have an impact in the world around us and that we choose to make it positive.

Ways of Being

We are all about lifting others. Everything we speak and create supports creating happiness for others. Knowing we are human and that we will have ups and downs, we will adjust our attitude when necessary to return to a positive state.

We value each other and what we bring into the world. We show up for our customers as a reminder to be happy by creating messaging, tools, and trainings that support this.

We are aim to be creating happiness in our interactions with others. We also act out of our best intentions and quickly own and take positive action when we fall short.

We operate like a family, where each person belongs. We purposefully learn and grow together. We value the creativity and insight each person brings to the table and create a safe space for them to grow as individuals.

Ways of Doing

We bring more happiness into the world by reminding people and businesses of the gold that already exists within them and helping them to focus on creating happier lives.

We welcome everyone who wants to live happier to join the creating happiness movement, so we spread more positivity into the world like a ripple effect.

All of our communications come from a nurturing space. We seek to help others rise. If we fall short, we are quick to apologize and return to cultivating the good in others and ourselves.

Whether working virtually or in person, we welcome open and honest communication. We celebrate together, we cry together, and we move forward in hope together.

Creating Happiness

We live and breathe creating happiness. It is important for us to stay true to our message so that we can bring more joy, more love and more kindness into the world.

We place a high value on being happy and spreading it into the world. We also know that we are human and have ups and downs. We help each other recover and stand together, united, in bringing more happiness into the world.

We will elevate human consciousness by creating happiness. Everyone will know exactly how to be happier in their own lives, their families, at work and within their communities.

We will be the constant reminder that every human on the planet is worthy of a happy life. That when times get dark, we shine brighter. That when times get tough, we lift…and that everyone has the same ability to do this for themselves and for others. Welcome to the happiness ripple, we hope you stay forever.

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