Our Vision

To inspire people everywhere to always be Creating Happiness.

Our Story

The idea of Creating Happiness came to me at the lowest of low points in my life. I was at a turning point and I was completely alone. There I stood in my darkest hours with stones being thrown at me from all directions. I had a decision to make on how I was going to respond. There was only one choice in my mind because sinking to anyone else’s level wasn’t an option I would take. I wanted to be a positive force in the world around me.

Instead of falling even deeper into despair and letting all of that awful stuff into my head and my heart, I decided to soar.

I set out to develop new behavior patterns where I actively created my reality.

I joined a mastermind group to breathe new life into my business, turning it into a money making machine. I read every book on positive psychology, emotional & social intelligence, happiness, leadership and positive thinking I could get my hands on to enlist all of my mental, spiritual and physical resources into creating my best life.

Within a short period of time I made some major shifts in my business, my family and for myself that brought more courage, positivity and joy than I’d ever experienced before. I began writing, teaching and speaking to make the kind of impact I always knew was within me.

That was when I stepped into my life’s purpose.

That was when Creating Happiness called to me. This was what I mastered in my personal and professional life and it was a gift that wasn’t only for me, it was for the world. Drawing upon my foundation in marketing and hospitality, my direction was clear.

I pitched the idea of The Business of Creating Happiness for a presentation at a conference I had spoken at for several years. I knew from the moment my feet hit the stage, I had found the message I needed to share with the world. I wasn’t the only person who felt it…everyone who was there did too.

This vision of mine, inspiring the world to always be Creating Happiness, has bloomed in ways beyond my imagination.


Founder & CEO


Wendy’s great passion is bringing methods of Creating Happiness to people and businesses that are stagnant and know they have more to bring to the world. She inspires and motivates you to start thinking and acting differently by creating positive changes that span from your thoughts into existing environments.

Work History

This passion that fuels Creating Happiness has developed over decades of working with high level executives and entrepreneurs who invested millions of dollars to generate positive feelings. Wendy’s career started with managing direct response advertising campaigns and community events in corporate marketing, then eventually launched her own event planning firm where she’s skillfully led hundreds of teams. She has created happiness working with a roster of clients including Fortune 100 leaders and their families, music and film industry darlings, talented professional athletes and some really awesome people during some of the most celebrated moments of life.

Education, Awards, Leadership

After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University, she became certified as a business coach from Coach University. As Chief Inspiration Officer of her own wedding and event planning firm, she won multiple Trendsetter Awards and is published in local, national and international media. She served in the following leadership capacities on local and national association boards:

Director of Marketing for the Wedding Industry Professionals Association (2010-2012)
President of the International Live Events Association, Orange County (2009-2010)
Co-Director of the Association of Bridal Consultants, Orange County (2009-2010)

She taught business and design techniques to aspiring event professionals at:
University of California, Riverside (2011-2014)
Orange Coast College (2009-2014)

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