Looking for some fun things to help remind you to always be Creating Happiness? We’ve got you covered! Save these beauties on your computer or mobile phone so you can trigger your mind to be creating happiness!


Use these to print and use in your social media (or give to someone!)



Locate this page from your mobile device and save them to your phone…voila! Instant Happy Wallpaper!! (Did you know the average person looks at their phone’s lock screen 110 times each day? Not a bad way to remind you about creating happiness is it?)


Do you love reading like I do? Print out these beauties to remind yourself to always be creating happiness!

Our Movement

Show the world how you’re Creating Happiness. Simply add the hashtag #creatinghappiness to any post you make or go to our downloads page and grab something fun to print and add to your images. Happiness expands when we share it friends! Bring on the feels!