7 Secrets of Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness is the magical ability to shape your reality in the most pleasing way possible. That means that you are the creator of your own thoughts and emotions. You have what you need within you to fill your life with happiness and you can stop looking outside of yourself for joy. It is like a mental muscle that you can enhance…when you focus on it.

There are 7 secrets of Creating Happiness anyone can do that cost virtually nothing. You can begin at anytime from anywhere at any age. Each secret is quite simple really, but the combination of all 7 gives you mental and emotional intelligence beyond what you have ever experienced before.

Introducing…the 7 Secrets to Creating Happiness

1. Decide you want to be happy.

It is a simple step but not always an easy one. Sometimes you can get comfortable in an unhappy state and creating happiness may seem like a ton of hard work. It may not be natural at first, but after some practice it becomes easier and life changing!

2. Master your thoughts.

Your world begins in your mind. How you perceive, react and remember things begin there. Become aware of what you are thinking and neutralize anything in your mind that doesn’t serve you. Stay present with thinking about right now and not worrying about the future or the past.

3. Neutralize negative thinking.

If you’re noticing negative thoughts (otherwise known as the “Troll Brain”) swing your positive thinking into action by debunking the negativity. Often times negative thinking comes from over analyzing things going on in your life, self-imposed limitations, discouragement, holding onto things that don’t serve you or taking on the negative opinions of others. Train yourself to identify when this is happening and PROVE IT WRONG. Let things go, love yourself more, decide you are moving in a new direction from this point forward.

4. Generate more positive thoughts.

You alone have the ability to nurture your mind. Fill it with uplifting things that are available to you. Be kind to yourself. Believe in yourself, forgive yourself, look for opportunities to improve your life, give yourself credit, and look for the bright side. Say positive statements out loud to connect your auditory learning system with your thoughts. Write positive statements on sticky notes to connect with your visual learning system.

5. Do more of what makes you happy.

If you’re not sure about what makes you happy, visualize what your ideal day (or even your happiest day ever) looks like. What happens in the morning as you start your day? What happens throughout the day and how do you end it? How do you schedule more days like that for yourself? How can you have more days like that in your life? Make it happen!

6. Protect your happiness.

How you think and feel begins from within. Often times others try to influence your thoughts and feelings by sharing negativity through feelings of guilt, anger, worry, and stress (just to name a few.) When this happens, remind yourself that you don’t have to accept the feeling they are attempting to give you. When you’re protecting your happiness, you need to let others know how you are choosing to feel and ask for their support. You’d be surprised at how people want to be happy too and may even ask for your secrets. High fives if they’re on your team. If they aren’t or you can’t have that conversation, minimize their access to you.

7. Share your happiness with others.

Happiness is contagious friends. Try smiling at others (most people can’t resist smiling back and even saying hello!), say good morning more, do kind things for others, serve others. Let the people around you know your part of the Creating Happiness Movement and you’re making the world a better place for yourself and others every day. Your happiness will multiply the more you share it!

These are powerful, life-changing actions that will revolutionize how you feel. As a result from working through each secret, you’ll elevate your level of happiness and improve how you perceive, process and react to the world around you.

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