The 7 Principles to The Business of Creating Happiness

Design a business with staying power that improves team performance, customer loyalty and ultimately shareholder profits using the Business of Creating Happiness. (If you are an entrepreneur…YOU are the shareholder!)

If you interact with customers (or clients as I refer to them) you are in the Business of Creating Happiness. It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur or a large-scale corporation; the attention you pay to your business is crucial to survive the business climate.

Each of the 7 Principles are performance based and fit like an overlay into your operating systems. It’s an emotional engine that generates big impact. When you start implementing each principle into your daily activities, you’ll see the talent you’ve invested in thrive, resulting in higher productivity, resilience and morale.

The 7 Principles to The Business of Creating Happiness:

1. Activate Your Company Happiness Operating SystemTM

With the keys of this system in place, all efforts are united within your organization. You have direction in all of your efforts and achieve more together.

2. Lead with Positive Psychology

When your leaders use the framework of Positive Psychology you will grow a highly engaged team of people who give you their best work.

3. Operate with a Happiness-Driven CultureTM

Develop a culture that is Creating Happiness and you construct a team of people who care about how they show up each day and what they are doing.

4. Build and Nurture Resilient Teams

When you have high functioning teams who are resilient, they keep moving forward no matter what is going on in the world. They have purpose, focus and generate win after win.

5. Create your Client Happiness ExperienceTM

When your clients are led through an experience that surprises and delights them, you’ll have just as much fun giving the experience as they do consuming it! They’ll love you so much, they will never leave.

6. Serve with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a game changer. Communication is improved connections are made faster and negativity is more easily neutralized. When you apply these strengths to service, everyone wins.

7. Innovate and Elevate

A company that stands still will fade into history. Stay relevant, be brilliant and win again and again!

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