How Happiness Transforms Business

Creating Happiness is transformational when applied to business, one of the primary reasons we created the Happiness Operating SystemTM. Your team and your clients are the lifeline to your business, so if you want to keep them, you best pay attention to how they feel.

It isn’t until you see that statistics that you’ll actually believe it.

You should see all of the smiling and nodding when I tell people that I speak about “The Business of Creating Happiness” until I say something like…

Happiness increases sales by 37% and 71% of companies say closing more deals is their highest priority.

Then I have their undivided attention.

I can continue with the well-known statistic that your employees will be 20% MORE PRODUCTIVE when they are happy versus when they are not.

Just from these two statistics alone, we’ve proven that Creating Happiness at work is the keystone to productivity and profits, yet there are even more benefits to this like…

Not only will you have 10 TIMES FEWER sick days because happy people are generally less stressed, you’ll have higher retention rates and lower turnover costs.

But let’s not forget that 60% of consumers will PAY MORE MONEY for a happier customer experience. (The exact reason why the Client Happiness ExperienceTM was created.)

So the next time you’re wondering whether or not Creating Happiness at work is worth it…just come back here for a reminder. We’ll always be sharing new stats!